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Location QR Code Generator for Free

An Online Google Map Location QR Code Generator for Free.Generate location QR Code with Logo. Enter Latitude and Longitude and get respective QR Code and you can get get them in differnt formats like SVG PNG and EPS.

QR Code Generator


  What is QR Code ?
QR stands for 'Quick Responsive'. QR code let you encrypt the data in the form of code and you can use it anywhere.
  What are the applications of QR Code ?
QR Code is widely used all over the world. QR Code has some real time applications e.g advertisement, links, branding etc.
  Is it possible to create different QR codes for the same content?
Yes. Even if all input data and the chosen error correction level (ECC) are identical, there are various graphical representations of a legible and valid QR code with the same content. The reason is that there are eight possible data masks which influence the pattern. These masks exist to prevent some module patterns which are hard to decode.
  How can I generate QR code with company logo / image / branding ?
Yes, you can do it by using Custom Logo QR Code Generator. Many users are asking if we can embed an image or a slogan into a QR code. And yes, it is possible to to customize a QR code with a logo, lettering, picture or some company color schema.
  Do QR codes have to be black and white?
You can change the color of the pattern using foreground and backgriund color tools.
  What is QR Code Generator?
QR Code generator is the tool that let you create QR Code for free, you can create different types of QR Codes, URL ,SMS TEXT, BITCOIN, PAYPAL end.
  What are QR Code supported formats?
QR Code is available in different formats like SVG, PNG and EPS.
  How to Create QR Code?
With the help of FREE QR CODE GENERATOR ,You can create QR Codes for free.
  Do QR code expires ?
No, technically QR Code do not expires.